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The Prismatist features opinions, perspectives and stories, both written and visual, that view the world through different prisms. 







HER NAME by Tony Lopresti


 DARK MATTER from the Curiosi Casebook

PROJECTION POINT from the Curiosi Casebook

CHANCE from the Curiosi Casebook

LOST AND FOUND from the Curiosi Casebook

SAFETY FIRST by Tim Wintermute


Jennifer Lavorel always wanted to be a writer and may still give it a go.


John B. Wintermute was a writer, playwright, actor, director and Presbyterian Minister. A number of his stories and plays have been published. Most of his stories, including the two Christmas Stories published in the Prismatist were originally performed as a dramatic reading.  He died in 2008. 


Jim Kent, a retired boring professor, is the oldest and most irritating of Don's seven kids.   He has been turned down twice for the federal Witness Protection Program--the first time because he applied to the Department of Agriculture instead of the Department of Justice, and the second time because they found out he hadn't actually seen anything.

Ruth Kent is currently the pastor of a church in upstate New York, after previous careers in computers and tax law.  On the side she runs an archaeology lab at a dig in Jordan and teaches doctor-patient communications at a medical school.  She apparently can’t decide what to do with her life.


Mark Magee is a commercial and independent filmmaker specializing in disabilities, healthcare, food and culture.  New adventures include writing and journalism. 


Tony Lopresti began his theatre career as a mime actor with the New York Pantomime Theatre in the 1980's and, since 2009, has been Mime Director for the Festival Music sull'Acqua on the shores of Lake Como in Italy.  In between, Tony was a writer/producer and for 22 years held the title of Director as head of the Video Production Unit for the New York Police Department/NYPD.

Miranda Marnik-Said is majoring in Creative Writing at Oberlin College.

Tom Egel is a photographer who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Erik Helzer is an amateur armchair philosopher, dedicated craft beer enthusiast, and piano hobbyist who

moonlights as an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Rose Hart is a clinical psychologist who lives in a city in the northwest often parodied on TV.  A "nom de plume", Dr. Hart can be reached at dr.rose.hart@gmail.com.

Wendy Wintermute has led a varied and peripatic life in communities across the country and now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She thanks all the friends and family along the way who have mentored her in the fine art of working together.

Judy Dean lives in Dexter, Michigan and has a drop-in relationship with both writing and painting.  She's fond of gelato, fall colors and most animals.

Jackie Falk lives a generously privileged life on the shore of Lake Superior. She subscribes to Mary Catherine Bateson’s observation that her life is “…something crafted from odds and ends, like a patchwork quilt...”Hers has patches of teaching, legal work, pastoral service, walking, reading, and a look to what’s next.


Tim Wintermute writes, draws, philosophizes, edits the Prismatist and does other stuff that no one will pay him for.  When he isn't traveling he does most of this in Baltimore, MD.


Susan Dietrich Schneider is a singer, songwriter and musician who performs under the name "The Space Lady", which was the name she adopted when she was starting her musical career as a  busker (street musician) in Berkeley, California.  She lives in LaJunta, Colorado when not on one of her frequent national and international tours. 

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