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By Rebecca Masters


I think just trying to get things smoothed out and not trying to push agendas, other than trying to bring back some of what Trump undid is what he and all democrats need to do. Try to find SOME common ground as a starting place.  


The rhetoric on the left also  needs to settle down. Maybe the race would have been close anyway, but I heard way too many people on NPR and other news and commentary,  Face book,  saying things like:


-- "nothing's changed" since slavery.. Really? YES I understand systemic racism... but really things actually have changed... We elected an African American  President 2x. ( much to the dismay of many) . Look at the faces of the house of reps. Can we celebrate some progress?  It doesn't mean giving up on the work that needs to be done , but claiming nothing has changed or things are so bad ( yes, I can see under Trump he tried to turn back the clock)  comes across as dumb as   "white lives matter" . 


--the all white men are evil /assholes stuff. Seems to me that even though blacks and women are the ones who wanted the changes, it was white men who voted to end slavery, give women the right to vote etc. Maybe some did it for political gain, but there are actually white men who are OK.  I'm sure most of the OK ones are NOT taking offense, but it is as unhelpful to say that all white men are idiots as any other general statements. We  shouldn't stoop to the level of the other side. Should we not model appropriate behavior? 


Remember Trump can (will?)  run again in 4 years. We should try to keep those Independents and Republicans who voted for Biden on our side or at least get them to put some other person up as the Republican candidate. Nothing will change the base, but hanging on to what we have is important because he could win next time. 


Or maybe we just give up and let the chips fall where they may. ....


I just don't understand because I feel like most people I know are kind of more centrist-  the liberals are not crazy liberals and the conservatives are not crazy conservatives.


I blame it on media of both sides and I’ve written to several networks suggesting they have a new kind of programming. Instead of the people on opposite sides of the aisle arguing and yelling at 1 another that the goal of the show is to find something they can agree on by the end of the program. Then they could have run offs like, " those 2 agreed so let's see you guys try to agree" and then the teams that can most often agree can have like another run off on even more agreeing. 


Nobody's taken me up on my suggestion.

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