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That'll Never Happen No More

By Tom Egel




We once elected a president

I don’t think we really knew what it meant

The worst one since I’ve been alive

Let’s just call him number forty five


Oversized ego and undersized crowd

What’s in his head, he just says it out loud

A moral compass he surely lacks

He doesn’t care, he has alternative facts, well


That’ll never happen no more (x2)


They said he was for the common man

Talked in ways they could understand

He only said what they wanted to hear

He made sure, they had plenty to fear


Misogyny is a character trait

Always looking for someone to hate

He says he is a big businessman

Likes to grab, with his tiny hands, well


That’ll never happen no more (x2)


He says the media treats him unkind

It’s all in his vindictive mind

Has no clue about wrong from right

Hide the kids, keep them out of sight


He used the office for personal gain

Made money from hotels with his name

No respect for the rule of law

He abused the emolument clause, well 


That’ll never happen no more (x2)

Person, woman, man, camera, TV

A stable genius with a great memory 

When he finds out he is wrong again

He pulls out, a Sharpie pen


Tear gassing people for a photo op

The order came right from the top

Stood outside a church, didn’t utter a sound

With a bible held upside down


That’ll never happen no more (x2)


Then the virus killed some regular folks

He tried to say it was all a big hoax

Ignored the experts as the evidence grew

Tweeted lies and everyone knew


They stormed the capitol on his command

Now he’s got blood on his hands

Said it was rigged, but the result is clear

Like a miracle, he will disappear, and


That’ll never happen no more (x2)

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