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By Linda Heckenkamp

For the past week I've been sketching COVID 19 victims whose obituaries have appeared in the Detroit News and the New York Times.  It helps me understand the magnitude of our collective loss.


















Israel Sauz.  Assistant night manager of a Tulsa, Oklahoma gas station and convenience store. New Father.  Died 4/5/20. Age 22.















Laneeka Barksdale. Detroit ballroom dancing star, known for "The Glide". Waitress at the MGM Grand casino. Died 3/23/20. Age 47.








Dr. Aileen Baviera,  Philipines scholar of China.  Died 3/21/20. Age 60.














Marlowe Stoudamire. Detroit community leader. Leaves behind his wife and 2 small children. 
Died 3/24/20. Age 43.












Jason Hargrove. Detroit bus driver who posted video imploring people to take COVID 19 seriously after a woman coughed in his bus.  Died 3/25/20.  Age 50.

Linda H -Obit sketch 1.jpg
Lind H - obit sketch 2.jpg
Linda H - obit sketch 3.jpg
Linda H - obit sketch 4.jpg
Linda H - obit sketch 5.jpg
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