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Pandemic Blues

By Tom Egel

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I’ve never seen the grocery store so bare

Can’t find the toilet paper, it used to be over there

I asked all my neighbors, no one can spare me a square

Well I’ll be doing tomorrow just what I did today

Time is going by slowly, it’s getting harder to say

Did I do that already, or was it yesterday

If I have the Covid, how would I know it for sure?

I can't get myself tested, and there isn’t a cure

So I'll just keep my mask on, and do my best to endure

Coronavirus, it’s all over the place

Keeping 6 feet apart, and never touch my face, oh no

Coronavirus, it sure is making me sad

I just hope I don’t get it, then things would really be bad, so bad

I got the Pandemic Blues, I’m as blue as I’ve ever been

Spending time on the inside, just waiting for it to end

It won’t be tomorrow, so I’ll be singing it then

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