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by Tom Egel

Lyrics of Covid-19 Blues - by Tom Egel


Well, a nickel is a nickel a dime is a dime

They say there is a virus, you gotta stay inside

Tell me how long do I have to wait?

Can I go outside now, or must I hesitate?


The eagle on the dollar says “In God We Trust”

But if you leave your house, put some PPE on first

Tell me how long before I have to ask?

Can I go outside now, and do I need a mask?


There’s rocks in in the ocean, and stars up in the sky

A presidential briefing is enough to make me cry

Tell me how long do I have to watch?

I can’t take anymore now when can I turn it off?


I saw the stable genius, he was on TV again

He said I should be taking hydroxychloroquine

Tell me what, do I have to lose?

I said “No thank you sir”, I think I’ll just get some more booze


The weeks are dragging on, and the end seems out of reach

Please listen to the doctors, and don't inject the bleach

Tell me how long ‘til we end this mess?

I just wanna go out now and get myself a test?


I wake up every morning and then I read the news

That’s why I’m stuck inside here with them Covid-19 blues

Tell me how long will I have to wait?

Can I go outside now?  Or must I hesitate

Can I go outside now, tell me when will it be safe?

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